Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can you predict the future?

I really haven't forgotten about this blog.
I just haven't heard anything else yet. I'm still waiting.
I check the site everyday for an offer of admission to the Dental Hygiene program to George Brown, I'm checking the mail everyday for a "Thanks but no thanks" letter.
Still nada. It's driving my pretty crazy.

So in other news, The husband took me out for a lovely romantic dinner at the Madarin . I had a very nice meal. The lovely paper place mats are done up for Chinese New Year. As you may know they classify your horoscope by year. Being born in 1978 makes me a horse. So according to the Mandarin Restaurant, (Or at least the people who produce their place mats):

"A Steady year ahead, the latter half of the year will be even better for your career and wealth. There will be a positive change just wait and see!"

So this obviously, this means I'm going to win the lottery or something right? ;)

Also on a side note, please weigh in on the poll, because if I do not get excepted to the program I want I do need a contingency plan. And The more input the better!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh my! What a big package that is......

Received official offer from George Brown, for the dental assistant course in the mail yesterday. It came in a big huge envelope that contained surprisingly little information. They did however promise to send me an even bigger package should I chose to accept their offer. Much, much better than those sad, thin, "thanks but no thanks" letters (Admittedly I got some of those the first time round.) I'm still waiting for my large packages from Seneca.
Now that the initial relief is over (because I know I'll be going somewhere come fall) I'm getting nervous again. I keep checking the site, to see if an offer had been made for the course that I actually want to take, but they won't post a rejection there, so, there is a chance I won't know until I receive one of those horrible, thin, little letters. Also I now have to figure out how the heck I'm going to pay for all this. I found a reasonable daycare that will take the boy before and after Kindergarten, and really, it would be cheaper just to rent him his own bachelor apartment. Surprising that they major cost for me won't be books or tuition, but child care. ......

Monday, February 2, 2009

The big day is finally here!

The first day offers of admission are made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(a moment of silence please)
Now I haven't received anything in the mail, but I assume the offers are being sent today. I have however, been able to view my standing online!
(drum roll please)





As you may notice, my first choice is not listed here, but, I wasn't expecting to hear back about that choice yet due to the pre-admission testing. I assume it takes some time to grade all the test and compare the result, and then of course, make a choice.
Regardless, come September, I will be going back to school!

And on a side note, we have selected a school for the boy, so he will be starting school in September too! So It will be a double adventure!