Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Old, but not a school girl afterall (Well not yet)

Well folks, here's the deal.
I've done a feasibility study (by which I mean figuring out exact cost and trying to budget and pulling my hair out, and crying, and well, you get the picture.) and going back to school this year is not a good idea.
Basically the cost of unassisted daycare is just too high.
We already have too much debt . If it were only tuition and books that would be okay. The sad fact is that with the recent cuts to the daycare subsidy program I'm not gonna get any help from the government. The only way I could make this work is by taking out a huge loan. I'm really not will to do that right now.
I'd just like to thank you all for your support and advice. It was much appreciate.

Well, you might be wondering what I'm going to do with myself then?

Actually, I have a great plan!
Next May my dear old Mum is going to retire from her job, and bless he soul, she is willing to care for the boy while I go to school. So, since I'm going to wait until next year, I'm going to save oodles and oodles of money! (By which I of course mean I will not have to take on insane amounts of debt.)
I've thought long and hard about this, and I really feel this makes the most sense for me and my whole family. I've talked with the whole house hold and they all agree. Also I would absolutely feel much better knowing my Mum was caring for Ben. (Not that there's anything wrong with daycare, I'd just feel better.)

So I suppose I should get a part time evening job or something o_O

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  1. Hey, maybe the delay will also give the college time to make room in the course you actually want to take. I believe that everything happens for a reason and when a door closes a window opens. ;-) hey you never know I may join you in the returning to school thing. I've been thinking about it lately. with much love.