Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eight months huh?
I guess I did just kind of drop this blog when I got the news that I wasn't getting a subsidy for daycare.
Hence died my dream of going to school in 2009
Especially as I wasn't excepted into my first choice.
But, to be honest even though it was my first choice, it was not my dream job. It was something I thought I could do to earn money, and maybe feel like I was doing something useful.
Well, I was excepted into the two programs to which I applied. I'm pretty sure that for dental hygienist I just didn't have the math skills.

Well things have happened in my life since, (yeah well, when in life does nothing happen and everything stays the same?) which has caused me to do some soul searching and thinking.

The Husband was laid off. He lost his job along with a whole bunch of his co workers and is (for now at least) a gentleman of leisure. I'm sure he'll get another one, but not just yet.
So in theory, I could have gone to school this fall (that is if I had a magic future seeing device at the time) and he Husband could have looked after the boy.

At any rate, I'm now thinking maybe all this happened for a reason. Maybe I should be seriously re thinking my choices in education.
Maybe I should be thinking about what I would really enjoy doing as apposed to what I can make a living doing.
Could they be one and the same?
Because now I'm thinking,
what I'd really like to do,
is be a photographer.
Like professionally.
I'd need a lot of gear, and the program I'm looking at, is expensive and over subscribed.
Well, I have lots of time before I need to make any final decisions.
It's something to think about......

In other news, I currently have a photography exhibit in place at Insomnia
It was well received and I've sold two pieces from it.

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