Thursday, November 18, 2010


Since I gave up this blog I started working retail again full time, and just recently stopped again. So, as of November 26th I will once again join the ranks for unpaid full time care givers. I'm am really looking forward to spend more time with the boy. After all that's happened in this past year (one, two, three, holy crap what a year!) I have reorganised my life. I'm now putting the most important things (namely Benjamin) first. I have no idea why I was driving myself crazy to earn enough to make daycare make sense. I don't know why i put up with such ridiculous working conditions, but that's all in the past now. Don't misunderstand, I didn't quit my job, I just decided that I'm not working Monday-Friday anymore. Weekends only.
So, you may be wondering, what will I do now?
My darling husband is currently completing a pre apprenticeship carpentry program, and I, well, this very night I am going to the first of five workshops. I am taking "Silversmith for beginners" . It's scary and exciting and I'm hoping, really hoping silversmith will be a good fit for me. I'm not getting my hopes up or going all in on this, but......well......maybe..... I'll keep you posted!!

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