Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting started.....

I'm married with children (child actually). Two years ago I opted not to go back to work when my mat leave ran out. I had to make huge adjustments to my lifestyle to make this a reality. The biggest of which was moving back in with my parents. I am extremely fortunate that my parents were willing to take in not only myself, but also my little boy, and my husband. We made this move when Benjamin was six months old, not only so that I would have help, but also so that I could stay home with him full time. While it can be challenging at times this situation is great for my son and myself. However, it was never intended to be a permanent solution, and now that Ben is ready to start school himself, it's time for me to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with the rest of my life. I'm gonna have to start pulling in some money soon and I'm absolutely not willing to go back into retail management, even though that's all I've ever done (aside from retail sales). To that end I asked the government for help, and they sent me to take a two week course to help me figure out what I would be well suited to. The good news is that I have manual dexterity well above average (top 10% of the population). The bad news is I am average in everything else. They gave me lots of tests and lots of possible carrier choices, ranging from cruel, (artist) to creepy, (mortician) to ludicrous , (doctor, librarian) to viable, (dental hygienists, library manager, early childhood educator).
Last month I took the huge step of actually applying to College. And God willing, I will get excepted somewhere and start school in the fall!

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