Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre admission testing

I completed my pre admission tests today. Not sure how well I fared. I will find out in four to six weeks (which right now seems impossibly far away.)
It took me from 10am-1:10pm to complete my three tests.
I must say I was shocked and appalled to see so many parents there with their children. Not that I would ever asks my parents to, but there is no way they would have come with me. (they sure didn't the first time around.) I gotta say I don't understand. I certainly don't intent to accompany Ben to his admissions testing! Yes the office was a bit challenging to find, but that's why you give yourself plenty of time, and to be honest if you can't even find the admissions office how well are you going to fair at college? There were notices to parents posted everywhere, so this is apparently a normal thing.
There was one girl there, who looked to me to be about 14 years old who was so nervous she was literally shaking. I wanted to pat her shoulder and say "There, there, you'll do fine." Of course this girl was alone. The one who actually seemed to need some support.

Here is some helpful advice I received in preparation for my tests;

-"It's not how smart you are, it's how smart you are compared to all the other people who are applying for this program this year."

-"If you skip the test you will NOT be accepted into the program. If you take the test, at least, you have a chance"

-"You can only do the best you can do. Worring about it won't make you do any better."

So I've done the best I could do and only time will tell what the outcome will be......

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